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Yachtmaster Preparation – The female ranks are growing!

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Contrary to popular opinion, the Yachtmaster Qualification is not solely for the male sailors of this world. More and more females are proving they too have the confidence and responsibility to take charge of a yacht in testing conditions.

This was evidenced in 2016 when Zara Roberts was crowned Yachtmaster of the Year.

The RYA/MCA grades of Yachtmaster Coastal & Yachtmaster Offshore spotlight those sailors with solid training and experience.

These are tested under examination.

They are recognised with a Certificate of Competence, rather than a Course Completion Certificate. The Certificate and can only be given after independent examination.

The RYA do not offer formal practical sail training beyond Coastal Skipper.

They do recommend that all candidates undergo a week of Yachtmaster Preparation with Exam.

It is advisable to take the Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Theory course the week before Preparation.

This theory knowledge tends to be “back brained”, But before examination, it is important to have it “front brained”.

The examiner will fire theory questions while he is expecting a practical task to be completed.

This important build up is where Girls Go Sailing and Miramar Sailing Training comes in.

We cannot teach you to be a Yachtmaster. You must have that potential before you join us. We can assess your strengths and weaknesses. We hone the latter, and prepare you for what to expect under examination.

We also offer our judgement on which grade of Yachtmaster you might achieve.

Single ladies may book a course once a minimum group of two has booked. A 5% fully refundable deposit will reserve your place.

Read what our previous female clients thought about their time with us Ladies Feedback

You may wish to undertake some pre study before you join us. We offer some suggestions at our North American Online Store and our UK Online Store

Group Fees

Course - Min. 2 Students
Bring your friends.
2 Students3 Students 4 Students
Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Theory
Fee / Student US$1,120
Group US$2,240
Fee / Student US$1,090
Group US$3,270
Fee / Student US$1,060
Group US$4,240
Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Theory
Fee / Student US$522
Group US$1,045
Fee / Student US$508
Group US$1,526
Fee / Student US$495
Group US$1,980
Yachtmaster Preparation
with Exam
Fee / Student US$1,467
Group US$2,935
Fee / Student US$1,429
Group US$4,287
Fee / Student US$1,390
Group US$5,562
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Yachtmaster Preparation
Yachtmaster Preparation
Yachtmaster Preparation