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Managing a sailing yacht is not only about sailing, girls.

There are several extra elements you need to be proficient in before you can feel at ease on the sea.


When you need help (as you will on occasion), how will you call for it?

For this you use the VHF short range radio.

It is every skipper’s obligation to maintain a radio watch on Channel 16 when at sea. When you need help, or a fellow sailor needs help. You must know how to use the radio.

For this we offer the RYA SRC (VHF) Radio course. We are obliged to offer this course in two forms. Face to face classroom teaching or as a home study online course. The SRC Radio Licence is issued after independent examination. This means your classroom instructor is unable to examine you. For this reason we strongly recommend the online option to avoid extra costs and logistics for you to travel to an independent examiner.


You will have learned all about this subject during your theory studies with chart work.

A further invaluable aid to navigation and collision avoidance is Radar.

This system is your eyes at night, or in poor visibility. It can see things you can’t . It is important to know what it is telling you.

The RYA Radar course will explain.

Diesel Engine Maintenance.

Yes, of course, we are sailors. Unfortunately, from time to time, we have to rely on auxiliary power to assist us in confined spaces.

This is an important part of any sailing yachts equipment and it is vital to know how to maintain your engine. Failure at a critical time could lead to disaster.

We can teach you the basics of servicing and trouble shooting with the RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance course.

Power Boating.

On many occasions you will not be able to enjoy the comforts of a marina berth. You may have to drop anchor or pick up a mooring.
How do you get ashore? For this you generally need a small inflatable dinghy or RIB.

Knowing how to drive these in a safe way will form a very important part of your sailing career.

For this training we offer two courses. RYA Power Boat – Level 1 and RYA Power Boat – Level 2. Level 1 is a one day course that covers the basics. Level 2 is a two day course that includes more advanced driving and introduces essential navigation.

As these are not sailing courses “Girls Only” cannot be guaranteed.

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You may wish to undertake some pre study before you join us. We offer some suggestions at our North American Online Store and our UK Online Store

Group Fees

Course 1 Student2 Students3 Students 4 Students
RYA SRC (VHF) Radio Both OptionsUS$240Fee / Student US$228
Group US$456
Fee / Student US$222
Group US$666
Fee / Student US$216
Group US$864
RYA RadarUS$225Fee / Student US$214
Group US$428
Fee / Student US$208
Group US$624
Fee / Student US$202
Group US$808
RYA Diesel Engine MaintenanceUS$225Fee / Student US$214
Group US$428
Fee / Student US$208
Group US$624
Fee / Student US$202
Group US$808
RYA Power Boat - Level 1US$365Fee / Student US$347
Group US$694
Fee / Student US$338
Group US$1,014
Maximum 3 / course.
RYA Power Boat - Level 2 US$535Fee / Student US$508
Group US$1,016
Fee / Student US$495
Group US$1,485
Maximum 3 / course.
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 Email: info@girlsgosailing.comĀ»
RYA Short Courses
RYA Short Courses
RYA Short Courses
RYA Short Courses
RYA Short Courses