Girls Go Sailing brings you a Christmas present! Our new website has launched with a change of course, and several new features.

We remain just as committed to building confidence to empower women when standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in the sailing world. That has not changed!

What has changed is we are now seeking to promote our ethos on a global scale by representing a group of professional, qualified female instructors based around the world.

This will give our potential students choice! Choice of where they are taught, plus the choice of which female teaches them.

All disciplines of sailing – dinghy, keelboat, cruising and racing – will be represented, as will all recognised sail training schemes. The emphasis is on Sail Training for confidence building, and not necessarily formal certification, although that will be available through some of our instructors working in recognised schools.

The new website features an “Our Instructors” page (we hope to grow this page as our reputation for quality training, for women and by women grows!), a constantly expanding “Training Aids” page focusing on main training topics, a page dedicated to “Our Oceans”, where we highlight the excellent work being done by Ocean Conservancy organisations, plus an “Inspirational Women” page paying tribute to the several female sailors who made a start in changing the attitude of many men who perceive sailing to be a “Man’s World”.

The new website will be of interest to women in the following groups.

  • Those who love the idea of sailing but lack the confidence to give it a go!
  • Females in sailing partnerships who fear they would not be able to cope in an emergency should their partner become incapacitated.
  • Qualified female sailing instructors who share our ethos and wish to play their part in empowering women in sailing.

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Check out for more information and get in touch.

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