Snowbirds fly south...

...for the sun, sea, sand & scenery of the Caribbean...

...and return with new skills.

Sailing Skills Refreshers to rebuild your confidence.

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Cruising on a sailing yacht offers freedom, challenge and relaxation. Many people get passionate about it once they have had a taste. For most, regular opportunities can be rare for several reasons.

  • Few are fortunate enough to own their own yacht.
  • Few have willing friends who do own a yacht but cannot get them out on the water often enough.
  • Weather conditions in some parts of the world often prevent sailors putting to sea. When the opportunity does arrive this becomes very frustrating. This is rare in the Caribbean
  • The increasing time pressures we are all subjected to that curtail leisure activities.

The above influences all serve to limit practice and skills get rusty and even forgotten.

Skills Refreshers aim to address this problem. They revisit previous experience and training to polish skills and rebuild confidence.

You can imagine how much fun you could have with like minded ladies all capable of making the initial odd mistake here and there but gradually improving as the week progresses.

At the end of the day these incidents could create much hilarity!

Refreshers are available, at all levels, on formal RYA Sailing Courses.

We can also set up packages within Girls go Sailing for a mix of experience and competence.

An existing qualification need not be retaken. Refreshment is all it takes to restore the confidence required to enjoy sailing again.

Single ladies may book a course once a minimum group of two has booked. A 5% fully refundable deposit will reserve your place.

Read what our previous female clients thought about their time with us Ladies Feedback

You may wish to undertake some pre study before you join us. We offer some suggestions at our North American Online Store and our UK Online Store

Sailing Skills Fees

Sailing Skills No. of StudentsFees / Student /Week
Join a Formal Mixed RYA Course1
Ladies Only Groups
To assist with your planning we offer some suggestions for Accommodation and Travel
We offer Gift Vouchers to give to family and friends.
 Email: info@girlsgosailing.comĀ»
Sailing Skills
Sailing Skills
Sailing Skills
Sailing Skills