Yachtmaster Ocean – Level 5

GLOBAL Skippering

Be able to navigate across Oceans – anytime in any conditions without the assistance of GPS!

• Understand the general principles of Astro Navigation, and how it works.
• Know how to check your sextant for errors and correct them.
• Know how to take sights of ‘Celestial Bodies’ and calculate your position from the results.
• Know what publications are needed for reducing sextant sights to position lines, also the need for pilotage and passage planning books.
• Be able to plot the results taken from sextant sights.
• Understand the World Weather patterns and interpret Ocean Forecasts – also observe actual weather patterns to predict likely changes in conditions.
• Be aware of Ocean currents and their effect on the passage
• Prepare long distance passage plans, and pilotage plans for likely ports of arrival.
• Prepare the boat for passage – including full checks and servicing of all equipment, awareness of all requirements for safety equipment.
• Ensure that the yacht and crew are suitable for the passage – full crew safety briefing a necessity.
• Create watch keeping system and make crew aware of their duties when on watch – include details of Log Book entries required.
• Establish provisioning needs and supply extra for contingency plans.
• Know the regulations required for Customs & Immigration, and ensure that all crew have the necessary visas – also any legal specific information that could be relevant.

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Astro Navigation Terms

Terms used in Astro Navigation

Using a Sextant

Using the Sextant

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