Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore – Level 4

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Yachtmaster Coastal
The level of ability has been briefly described in our Coastal Skipper – Level 3 page.
The experience required for an Exam Application is what defines the difference. between Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore.
To achieve the Certificate of Competence you will be assessed by an Independent Examiner, who will be monitoring your Crew management skills, as well as your boat handling skills, especially under sail, Man Overboard retrieval as well as a thorough knowledge of Collision Regulations and the Weather.
There will also be an assessment of knowledge of dealing with emergencies. The level of confidence and competence exhibited will determine the outcome of the exam.

Yachtmaster Offshore
The level of ability is much the same as for the Yachtmaster Coastal – there is a definition between the two that was offered by a Yachtmaster Examiner:
“The difference between a Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore is that a good Yachtmaster Coastal will be able to deal with problems that crop up – a good Yachtmaster Offshore will be so in tune with the yacht and crew that he will see the potential for a problem arising and prevent it happening”.
Essentialy the difference is highlighted by the different levels of experience required to qualify for an Exam Application.

  • Yachtmaster Coastal – Minimum 400nm (with a Theory Course Completion Certificate), or 800nm otherwise of which 50% must be gained in Tidal Waters.
  • Yachtmaster Offshore – Minimum 2500nm of which 50% must be in Tidal Waters.

There are other criteria that need to be fulfilled, but skippering experience and responsibility are what trains the candidate to a satisfactory level.
The examiner for this Certificate of Competence will be expecting a complete knowledge of Sailing Theory and Collision Regulations as well as confident application of all the other skills mentioned above.

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