Day Skipper – Level 2


There is no form of transport that can be run safely and sensibly “by committee”!
Some situations arise so quickly that there is no time for discussion. Someone has to be in charge who is responsible for making the decision on what action to take, and to bear the consequences of that decision. This person is the Skipper or Captain.
Skippering involves not only practical ability; it also involves theory knowledge. Decisions and the action to take cannot be made without both elements. Learn how to make these decisions with confidence by studying these topics.

  • Seamanship – Competent boat handling – including mooring on a berth and anchoring, and ability to advise crew on safe practises on board. Consideration for other people on the water.
  • Consideration for safety on board – when to wear life jackets, briefing for Man Overboard procedure, gas management and pre departure checks.
  • Navigation skills – able to use GPS effectively and use paper charts for passage planning. Navigate from one port to another by day. Able to establish position of yacht when in sight of land with or without GPS. Awareness of Tides and Tidal Streams.
  • Know the Rules of the Road and Buoyage systems.
  • Know how to sail a yacht on every point of sail. Know when to reef sails for efficient sailing.
  • Understand the importance of the weather forecast, and what weather is suitable for the boat and crew you plan to take out on the water. Know where to obtain a current forecast.
  • Emergency procedures – Knowledge of necessary precautions and ability to use safety equipment – including launching the life raft, emergency flares, fire extinguishers, bilge pumps and VHF Radio.
  • Know enough about the vessel’s engine to be able to effect simple repairs if required.
  • Boat/Crew management – Run the boat safely and instruct crew on expectations, be aware of crew wellbeing, supervise provisioning, create a routine that ensures the yacht is clean and comfortable for everyone, establish good practise for waste disposal.
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