Competent Crew – Level 1


This level of training is all about being able to go sailing and be an active, helpful person on board – rather than just sitting back and watching!
These are the topics you should know.

  • Know the parts of the boat – including the names of sails and their parts.
  • Learn to steer – either following a compass course, or to a particular point of sail.
  • Understand ‘Points of Sail’ and what a ‘Tack’ and a ‘Gybe’ mean.
  • Know the control lines and what to do with them when asked.
  • Be confident managing a winch – important to understand the safe techniques of handling lines subject to high loads.
  • Know the knots you need – Bowline, Round Turn and Two Half Hitches, Rolling Hitch, Reef Knot, Clove Hitch, Sheetbend and a Double Sheetbend, there are lots of others, but these are fundamental.
  • Know how to throw a line, or coil and stow it securely.
  • Handle Mooring Lines as requested.
  • Understand the importance of Safety on Board, when lifejackets should be worn, and what action to take in a case of Emergency.
  • Get comfortable living on board, cooking or making hot drinks with the gas cooker.
  • Be confident in the Tender (Small boat, used to get ashore when at anchor) and be able to row if there is no motor.
Berthing a Yacht

Lines for Alongside Berth

Basic Sailing Knots

Good Knots to Know

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