1975 was declared as the International Women’s Year by the United Nations.
The Polish Sailing Association decided to mark this by selecting a women to sail solo around the world. After winning the competition to decide who this woman would be Krystyna finally set off from the Canary Islands on March 28th 1976 in her 9,5 metre sloop “Mazurek” which had been customed designed by her husband Wacław Liskiewicz.
She completed her adventure by arriving in the Canary Islands on April 21st 1978 after sailing 28,696 nautical miles.
Understandably she arrived to great acclaim and once back in Poland was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta for her achievement, one of the state’s highest decorations, and was chosen Gdańsk’s Citizen of the Year 1978.
She had become the first woman to sail solo around the world. Inspiring female sailors began with her!
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