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Why Girls go Sailing?

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To encourage more women into sailing by empowering them with self belief and confidence. Learn from our experience and practical hands on training.


Sailing is not an art or a science. A good sailor develops from the application of practical ability, knowledge and experience. Male or female.

Girls Go Sailing has evolved from a concept in the UK many moons ago when Pippa, our chief instructor, was living in South Devon and became the mentor for a group of keen, not so young girlies who wanted to race across the English Channel. After a fun race and not too bad a result, Pippa was a regular on these girls only sailing adventures.

Today, now living in the Caribbean and the Chief Instructor at RYA Miramar Sailing School, Pippa still loves teaching women to sail. Of course, it is not all about the teaching of the formal RYA Syllabus. Understanding the different learning styles of women and being able to teach to meet these needs, and build confidence, is what makes Girls Go Sailing unique.

Pippa has skippered girls only racing teams including Antigua Sailing Week for Girls for Sail. Teaching and cruising are her favourite ways to enjoy sailing, although on the few occasions she gets a chance to helm, she is a girl racer!

There is a lot more to Girls Go Sailing than just training. You may have already done a RYA sailing course but simply wish to go cruising in the Caribbean with like minded women and an experienced female skipper. If this is the case, join us in Antigua and set sail!

The concept of groups of women gathering together on a regular basis to exchange views, ideas, and even gossip, has grown to become one of the essential ingredients of the female life style. Over a few drinks, family, fashion, cosmetics, and even men, are favourite topics of conversation, to name a few.

If you are new to sailing, the turquoise waters around the Caribbean islands, the gentle winds and the home comforts onboard one of our yachts, make Girls Go Sailing a top choice. Complete beginners are welcome and will benefit from learning in a ladies only environment with Pippa to show you the ropes.

Of course it is not only about the sailing, when you come to the Caribbean! Pippa has been sailing these waters for over 10 years now and knows all the best beaches and the fun watering holes. Foodies will delight in the choice of restaurants available to you. Girls Go Sailing crew will enjoy a well equipped galley for those evenings when you just want to sit at anchor relaxing, enjoying the beautiful night skies, and savouring culinary delights you’ve created on board.

girls for sail girls go sailing all female sailing all women sailing all ladies sailing all girls sailingTracy Edwards (MBE), round the world yachtswoman, is our enthusiastic ambassador. Tracy overcame many hurdles, and entered her yacht Maiden in the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989 with 11 other intrepid female sailors. This was a ‘first’ in the history of this famous race. She loves the ethos of Girls Go Sailing, stating “I think it is a brilliant idea to have all female training and adventure sailing experiences. This is the year for women!”

Girls go Sailing
Girls go Sailing
Girls go Sailing