This was probably one of the toughest RORC C600 editions since its inception 10 years ago.

With big seas whipped up by almost constant squalls of up to 40 knots, over 50% of the 84 yacht fleet retired before the end. Exhaustion, broken gear, injury, and even a capsized catamaran were just a few of the reasons many decided to call it a day.
Phoenix and her plucky crew of 9 ladies gave it their best but were forced to retire with generator failure, followed quickly by engine failure. Heading into the night they found themselves with no means of generating the all important electricity for navigation lights and equipment so headed for home after 343 gruelling but exciting miles.
This is what one of our girls, Alison had to say:

Not for the feint hearted!
What a race! What conditions! What a challenge!!
I had a fantastic time with girls go sailing, Pippa & the wonderful Phoenix ( or should that be Phoenix and the wonderful Pippa?)
If you can’t live for 5 days without home comforts, hairdryers, make-up, gourmet food or dry knickers… then this is not the event for you.
However, if you are a team player, love a challenge and are prepared for a steep learning curve… then go for it!!
I had every confidence in the skill and experience of Pippa and the safety of Phoenix throughout this amazing experience. Backed up by the unbelievably supportive extended on land team of Girls Go Sailing and Miramar Sailing School, it was a magical experience that I can’t wait to repeat!!!
RORC600 2019 HERE I COME!!!
Thanks go also to the wonderful and inspiring ladies, my new friends. I feel blessed to have met you, sailed with you and proud to have shared this wonderful experience with you.
Furthermore a massive thank you to Lorna Saunders for her invaluable training, support & guidance! a remarkable lady, a remarkable sailor, a remarkable trainer & an inspiration to us all.
Much appreciated

Do you have what it takes? Phoenix will be giving it another shot in 2019. There are a few berths left. Don’t delay!

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