Snowbirds fly south...

...for the sun, sea, sand & scenery of the Caribbean...

...and fly home with wonderful memories.

Introduction to Cruising Holidays

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In today’s modern world there is a tendency to work too much, and vacation too little, how wonderful if it were the other way round! Unfortunately, for most, that scenario is a dream.

With this in mind, we at Miramar Sailing strive to offer you as diverse a range of sailing destinations as possible, to ensure that your precious vacation time is spent doing something totally memorable!

We are constantly looking into new ways of ensuring that we offer something to encourage you to embark on a first time sailing vacation experience. Sailing is our passion! We would like it to be yours.

Most people’s perception of a Caribbean Sailing Vacation brings thoughts of high cost, associated with 5 star luxury.

At Miramar Sailing we acknowledge this, and attempt to offer a budget approach to encourage you to experience, as an introduction, the pleasures of sailing around our region at an affordable price.

We are straightforward people, offering a straightforward product with no lavish and expensive frills!

See our Vacation Rates to find out just how straightforward and competitive we are vacations between 5 and 14 days. These are very reasonable rates / guest.

All of our vacations are catered with healthy simple food. We shop together to ensure you will be eating to your taste. No massive mark ups for luxury catering, as you are in control!

We also provide a functional and well-maintained yacht, plus the sailing expertise of the crew.

You will also get every opportunity to take part in the sailing of the yacht, although this is not obligatory, and you will be expected to “muck in” with the day-to-day chores on board. Don’t forget, we are all in the same boat!

This is real “R & R”, and a chance to regroup, and reorder all the working life experiences you have brought with you. It is genuinely “your time” – time in which you can do what you want, for as long as you want, in peace and tranquility, or excitement and adventure, as you choose.

View our Guide to the major Caribbean Islands

We do not set fixed itineraries because the variable nature of weather and sailing conditions can change plans at any time. “No expectations, no disappointments!” We prefer to discuss itinerary options with our guests and, where achievable, let them decide what they want from their vacation.

From our extensive experience of Caribbean sailing we have put together some

As a potential guest you will  fall into one of these categories:

  • Experienced sailors who seek as much “hands on” participation as possible, and are well versed in all aspects of living aboard a sailing yacht, but would require a skipper with local knowledge of our Caribbean islands and reefs for confident navigation.
  • Experienced sailors who want nothing more than “R & R”. They do not want to concern themselves with sailing the yacht, they just wish to kick back and enjoy. For them, a skipper and mate is the answer.
  • Recent converts to sailing wishing to further their experience and knowledge with “hands on” involvement allied to additional tuition and guidance. They will also be looking for a skipper and mate for help both above and below decks.
  • Novice sailors who simply want to “test the water: and are experiencing sailing for the first time! They would definitely need a skipper and mate.

Please note: “Mate” can be either Deck Hand or Chef/Hostess. Please specify.

To assist with your planning we offer some suggestions for Accommodation and Travel
We offer Gift Vouchers to give to family and friends.
Cruising Holidays
Cruising Holidays
Cruising Holidays
Cruising Holidays
Cruising Holidays