Girls Go Sailing

Sail Training FOR women BY women

Our Mission Statement

“To encourage more women into sailing by empowering them with self-belief, skills and the confidence to become safe sailors, good skippers and capable crew.”


Our Group Members share a passion for sailing, training and demonstrating that women can be just as capable as men in the sport of sailing.

Your enjoyment of sailing will be greatly enhanced if you go to sea with the confidence that knowledge and experience brings.

A recent Strategic Review by the World Sailing Trust makes interesting reading WST Strategic Review.

All Female Crew in RORC C600

Happy crew of girls in the 2019 RORC C600

The primary goal of Girls Go Sailing is to empower women with sailing skills and confidence to allow them to feel comfortable in what has been perceived to be a “Man’s World”,

We aim to become a Global Female Sail Training Resource appealing to 3 specific groups.

Primarily, females who lack the confidence to stand shoulder to shoulder with a man in the sailing environment and feel they would benefit from training by a woman who has that confidence. As a potential student we will offer you a thorough debrief of your present sailing knowledge and skills to be sure we recommend an instructor and training package that is tailored to your needs. In the first instance, we invite you to choose your preferred location below. Click on the Instructor shown and learn all about her.

Secondly, our Group is not just about removing gender discrimination in sailing, it is also about creating safe sailing couples.
There is a tendency for the man to be the skipper and in charge. This is an age old situation that still exists. We have no problem with the man being the skipper. We accept there can only be one skipper as emergency situations require urgent and knowledge based decisions.
Our problem is that when the male skipper is accompanied by his female partner and something incapacitates him, the partner does not have the knowledge and experience to deal with the problem.
This is dangerous for both!
In a “sailing couples” situation both have to be equally capable and confident.
Girls Go Sailing aims to create safe sailing couples by empowering the partner with the skills and confidence to step in if, and when, necessary.

Thirdly, professional, qualified female sailing instructors, from any recognised scheme, who share our ethos and would like to be part of a global training resource that appeals to these two groups. if you support our Mission Statement we would be very happy to discuss your joining us.

We invite enquiries from all 3 groups.

Girls Go Sailing is not a recognised sail training centre under any official schemes. However, the majority of our Instructors would be able to give certified training where required under the auspices of the recognised schools they work for.

Come on ladies,  join the ranks of the many inspirational female sailors who believe “CAN is the most important part of CAN’T”!

Girls crewing TransAt 2019

Instructor Pippa with Ali and Beckie crewing

What can we Teach You?

Our combined Group Resource covers the following topics. At all times throughout all training the primary emphasis will be on SAFETY!

Dinghy Sailing. The ideal way to learn about how to use the wind as a driving force.
Learn the ropes and become a Competent Crew member. Your starting point for big boat cruising.
Introduction to Skippering. Your first experience of navigation and taking charge of the yacht and her crew. The entry point for Chartering.
VHF and Marine Communications. All the resources you need to call for assistance when things go wrong.
Radar. How to be aware of what is around you in darkness and poor visibility.
Diesel Engine Maintenance. Learn how your engine works, and how to service and maintain it.
Advanced Skippering. Running all aspects of the yacht and sailing longer overnight passages.
Ocean Crossings. Planning all elements of a long distance ocean passage.
Astro Navigation. How you know where you are when modern technology lets you down.

Your Choice of Geographical Location

World Map

Building a Global Resource of Female Sailing Instructors

SPAIN – Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Instructor: Pippa
Sailing Grounds: Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea


Instructor: Liz 
Sailing Grounds: Bali Sea, Indian Ocean, Lombok Strait

PORTUGAL – Portimao, Portuguese Algarve

Instructor: Veronique 
Sailing Grounds: Gibraltar Strait, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea.

FLORIDA – St. Petersburg, USA.

Instructor: Tanya 
Sailing Grounds: Gulf of Mexico

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